FishScience – Healthy, Low-Waste Fish Foods

Dr David Pool has more than 45 years of experience working with fish. His passions led him to create FishScience, striving to provide quality products to fishkeepers of many species and aquaria types.

Dr David Pool

The creator of FishScience, Dr David Pool, has more than 45 years of experience in many areas of the fish-keeping world. He specialised his academic studies in the field of freshwater fisheries, with 3 years dedicated to freshwater fish disease. He spent 25 years working within Tetra, while also having published 3 books and more than 250 articles on fish keeping. It was using all of this experience that David created his brand, utilising his understanding of the quality and requirements sought out by passionate fish keepers.

The aim for FishScience is to provide high quality foods with as natural ingredients as possible, while also being highly palatable to the fish it is offered to, and liked by the fish keepers as a result.

The foods are put through trial periods via Pontus Research, as well as testing by keepers and shops. The feedback is then used to improve and refine each FishScience product.

Changing the Protein Source

The key factor that makes FishScience foods stand out from the rest on the market is its focus on protein source. FishScience foods are made primarily of insect meal. This meal is sourced from black soldier flies, Hermetia ilucens, which are bred in Holland. There are a few reasons for this choice:

  • The fish react very positively to the insect meal foods. This is likely due to the fact that most tropical fish and goldfish naturally eat insects in the wild, caught at the surface or in the form of aquatic larvae.
  • The natural tendency to eat insects means that the fish digestive systems are adapted to better digest insect foods. This means that digestion is easier, and more efficient, which results in less waste product made by the fish. This leads to a cleaner, healthier aquarium.
  • It reduces the amount of fish meal produced, which is taken from the sea and can have environmental implications. Insect meal yields far more protein (5x greater efficiency) and so is more eco-friendly!

Enhances Colour & Immunity

FishScience foods contain additional ingredients that provide several health benefits.

Colouration of fish is not a result of self-produced pigments – the pigments must be sourced from the diet for the best vibrancy. Colour is greatly affected by the environmental conditions and general health of the fish.

Therefore, the following ingredients are included that support colouration:

  • Spirulina & chlorella algae
  • Krill
  • Shrimp
  • Paprika
  • Purple carrot
  • Grasses

And immune health:

  • Garlic
  • Omega oils
  • Beta glucans

The Range

FishScience foods cater to a whole host of fish species – betta, goldfish, corydora, cichlids and more, with food types varying from granules to wafers, flakes, pellets and adhesive tablets. Each is created to provide specific nutrition to its target species that get the fish into a feeding frenzy while benefitting their health!

Here at EK, we appreciate the care that goes into an animal food product such as this with its array of health benefits and eco-friendly rationale. To find out more about the products available, visit FishScience’s site.


FishScience – Healthy, Low-Waste Fish Foods

Bonus Facts About Insect Meal

  • Black Soldier Flies are cultured on waste fruit, vegetables and other organic waste
  • Greater than 10 x lower emissions when compared with conventional livestock rearing
  • Efficient food conversion when compared to other protein production:
    • 1.5kg food produces 1kg of insects
    • 5kg food produces 1kg of pork
    • 8kg food produces 1 kg of beef
  • Reduces the use of Fishmeal. Most fishmeal is produced directly from fish caught in the sea
  • Very limited environmental impact – odourless, controlled and virtually waste free
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