FishScience – Healthy, Low-Waste Fish Foods


Dr David Pool has more than 45 years of experience working with fish. His passions led him to create FishScience, striving to provide quality products to fishkeepers of many species and aquaria types.

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Embrace Nature With A Bioactive Paludarium


A look at how to build a tropical bioactive paludarium - what you will need, what you can keep in one, and how to get everything off to the best start.

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Psittacus – A Better Breed of Parrot Food


Considered by many specialists as the best parrot food in the world, the history and achievements of the Psittacus brand makes for fascinating and encouraging reading.

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Livefood Lowdown: Know Your Bugs


Our guide to the wide array of feeder insects available for exotic pets and how best to keep, sell and use them.

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