Zoo Highlights: Lincolnshire Wildlife Park and the National Parrot Sanctuary


Our conversation with Steve Nichols at the National Parrot Sanctuary, as featured in the December 2020 issue of EK. A must-read article if you are thinking a parrot is right for you!

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Internet Insights: JTB Reptiles


We spoke to Joseph of JTB reptiles, regarding his fast-growing YouTube channel and social media presence, and how this may evolve for him and other content creators within the hobby.

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Paul Rowley – Venomous Snakes and Venom Extraction


An interview with Paul Rowley from the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, all about his work with venomous snakes and the work taking place to improve the lives of those affected by snakebite.

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Peter Hoch of Lucky Reptile


Interview with Peter Hoch, the founder of Lucky Reptile and influential figure in the European reptile hobby.

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